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New! Black background frames

There we were, producing our frames all on a white background when at a wedding show we got chatting to a lovely couple who were really interested in our work. They were having the usual discussion we tend to overhear….”shall we put in in the living room, by the stairs where we will see it first thing when we come down every day or in the dining room maybe?”. The winner tends to be living room though and on this occasion it was no different. Only they had a very modern mono black and white décor and we were asked if we did them on black background instead of white. “Not yet…” we replied, “but give us a couple of days!”

We got working straight away on a sample in the studio the next day and we loved the look! It is probably best suited to a black and white central photograph (and with the guest messages typed) and our customers were absolutely thrilled with it. The sample below is our 50cm by 70cm portrait style with a black contemporary frame which we feel gives the artwork a modern edge.


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