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A little bit about us...

The Alternative Guest Book is the sister brand to The Illustrated Invitation

The Illustrated Invitation is a market leading stationers based in Somerset, UK.  We specialise in illustrating our customers wedding venue via stunning pencil sketch which is then featured throughout a suite of personalised and unique stationery, from Save the Date to Invitation suites and from Orders of Service to Table Plans, Place cards and Menu’s.

At wedding exhibitions featuring our work, we noticed that one of the products which always drew the crowds and got people talking was our Guest Comments Frames.  So much so, we decided to create a separate brand for this and thus The Alternative Guest Book was born.

Since then, demand for our frames seems to have gone viral. Everyone loves them - the only debate is whether you like your guest comments scanned in or typed! Which do you prefer?!

We are a family business which consists of Jamie, the founder of both brands, partner Rachael, who makes sure things are running like clock-work in the background, and two assistants, Lily and Faith, who are Jamie and Rachael’s daughters and earn their pocket money by giving a helping hand at the weekends.

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