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Frequently asked questions...


So what exactly is the Guest Comment Frame?

  • This is a frame in which your guest's comments are captured within a frame that we design for you to provide a truly   memorable and unique keepsake of your big day.

  • These comments are later centred around either your favourite wedding photograph or a sketch of your wedding venue (if   we have this on file).

  • The comments are either scanned and edited (so they will be in the guest's original hand-writing) or we type them and print   in various sizes and fonts.

  • After you have agreed your proofs, you can then choose to have the artwork only (so you can take to a local framers to have   mounted and framed yourself) or we can supply the artwork in a frame for you.


How does it work?

  • Prior to the wedding day, we provide a number of post cards (you get to choose the font and colour) printed with your personal message to your guests on one side and blank on the reverse for them to write their message.

  • We suggest you put a card for each guest on the tables at the reception.

  • We often receive feedback that this is a great way to get the conversation and banter started with guest’s discussing their fond memories, funny anecdotes and sharing ideas on what to write.

  • We advise nominating one of the wedding party to act as coordinator and collect all the message cards and keep them safe with your wedding cards.

  • After the wedding, you then send the cards back to us for creating the framed comments (which we later return so that you retain the originals).


What are the different sizes you offer?

We offer the following sized Standard frames:

  • 40cm x 40cm square

  • 40cm x 50cm landscape or portrait

  • 30cm x 75cm landscape or portrait

  • 50cm x 50cm square

  • 50cm x 70cm landscape or portrait


What different types of frame do you offer?

  • Our frames are wooden (not MDF) and are supplied with a clear plastic styrene front. Each frame comes with a stylish double which again you have a choice on the colour combination (see Mount info below)

  • Our frames are available in Black, White and Oak.

Do you offer glass with your frames?

  • We no longer provide glass with your frames as we were experiencing too much breakage in transit. No matter how carefully we wrapped the frame in protective foam cushioning, we faced the frustrating experience that the instances of the glass breaking were increasing. When the glass breaks, it also damages the artwork, the mount and the frame itself.

  •  We therefore use a clear plastic styrene so we can mail to all parts of the UK and know this is not going to be an issue. You can of course take the frame to a local framer and replace with a glass front – it is not that expensive to do.

What colour is the mount?

We always provide a double mount within the frame to give a quality luxury look which also helps 'frame' the artwork (excuse the pun!). Options for the mount are:

  • double white mount

  • white outer mount with black inner mount

  • black outer mount with white inner mount

the message cards


How many Guest Comments Cards do we get and is this included in the price?

  • Each frame comes with 50 cards as standard. If you need additional message cards these are available for a small additional price - please refer to our price list.

What message do you write on the front of the Guest Comments Cards?

  • We will provide our standard message but this is only a suggestion and we are happy to amend this to any wording you wish to have.

  •  This will be in a typestyle and print colour of your choice (a proof will be provided before we print these for you).


Where should we position the cards at the venue?

  • Some couples have placed them in a designated area at the venue and asked guests to go and write their message. However this can sometimes cause some confusion, or some hesitancy as guests do not wish to hold others up while they think of what to write.

  •  We would recommend that they are placed on the tables so that each guest has one and can take their time over what they write and not feel rushed.

  •  We strongly recommend you provide sufficient black gel ink pens on each table (note this is essential if you are thinking of having the scanned option). These are widely available at all good stationers or Amazon for a few pounds – we can provide links to help guide you.


Does every guest write on a card?

  •  Why not! However, we do find that some couples attending your wedding may choose to write a joint message. Where we deal with weddings that have say 80 guests, we generally find that c.40 Message Cards are completed. However it is nice to give each guest the opportunity to write their own card if they wish.

  •  You may wish to have additional cards for people who are attending just the evening reception or even for those guests who for whatever reason are unable to make the big day (see next point).


What if we want to include a message from someone who cannot attend the wedding?

  • You can always post the card to them beforehand and ask them to return in time for you to add this to the collection.

  •  We have for example provided cards for family members who are away on service or work overseas (even dare we say the dreaded covid) and have then incorporated their message in the frame.


What if there are over 100+ guests!

  • Wouldn't it be wonderful to have so many messages to treasure! We can provide as many cards as you wish, however, there will be a limit to how many comments we can fit on a frame and it is not as easy as limiting this to a set number of messages as a message could be a simple one-liner or the message could take up the whole of the card. Between 30 – 50 messages is ideal.

  •  We can always discuss options such as filtering some messages out if you are over this amount or filtering part of the messages out so more can be included. It is probably easier to chat this through once you have your Message Cards back from your guests and we know what we have to play with.

What if we are having a close, intimate wedding where there may not be many messages?

  • Not a problem. We could work on a slightly smaller frame for you (for example our 40cm x 40cm option) or you may wish to consider including some of the readings from your wedding or messages included within wedding cards etc. in addition to the comments you receive from your day guests.

  • We have produced frames for just a dozen or so messages and these have made great keepsakes – ask us for some sample pics we can share with you!


How do we get the cards back to you?

  • We strongly advise you use the Special Delivery service by Royal Mail which provides the ability to track your parcel.

Do you send these back to us so that we get to keep them afterwards? 

  • Yes, all original messages are also returned so that you have these cards plus the frame as a special keepsake of your big-day.

  •  We also use a tracked courier service to post your cards and frame back to you.

design & artwork


How do I choose between having the comments scanned or typed?

  • The scanned option is very personal because your frame artwork is then printed in your guest's own handwriting. However, we appreciate not everyone has hand-writing that is easy to read or looks neat in a frame!

  •  The typed option has the advantage that we have much more flexibility to edit the comments. For example, certain sentences/phrases from each message card could be used so that each guest is included. We also have the flexibility of re-sizing the text and to vary the comments so they look either more landscape or portrait to add more variation to the end display. You may also have spelling mistakes on the message cards which we could correct if re-typing.

  •  That said, we do a lot of editing on the scanned messages. It is a time-consuming process which is why the cost of this format is higher than the typed format. Basically we crop various parts of each message and re-stitch back together. This way we minimise the “white space” on the frame and it gives a much better look.

  •  Please also note that you can generally fit more typed messages than you can with scanned messages on each of our frames.

  •  We are more than happy if you want to wait until you have seen the message cards before making a decision on whether you want to go for the scanned or typed option.


Can I mix and match – have some typed and have some scanned?

  • We don't offer this - through experience it looks odd to have both formats on the same frame

Can I change my mind once seeing my proof?

  • If for example I have scanned messages, can I see what it also looks like in the typed format (and vice versa).

  • Due to the time we undertake producing the artwork, we are unable to offer this option. \

  • While you do not need to make your mind up on whether you want the typed or scanned option until you have seen your message cards, we are only available to complete your order in your chosen format.

How many comments can you have on the frame?

This is probably our most popular question but it is difficult to answer without seeing the cards because this depends on a number of factors:

  • It depends on how much 'coverage' is on each card, i.e. some will write a long lengthy message that could take up the whole card while others will write a short but sweet message or a funny one-liner.

  •  It depends on whether you have your guest comments scanned or typed onto the frame (generally you can include more comments with the typed option).

  •  It may also depend on whether you wish to include any doodles/illustrations your guests may include within their message.

  •  It also depends on the size frame you have.

  •  Assuming a mix of long, average and short messages you will be looking at approximately 30-40 messages. Don't forget that a lot of couples will write a joint message too.

As a guide, and notwithstanding the comments above, we generally suggest the followingwing:


Do we get to see a proof before we receive the actual frame?

  • First, you will receive a proof of the artwork via pdf on email.

  • You will then have a hard copy proof with the messages printed in the same size as we will use on the final frame.


What if we have already bought a guest book?

  • No problem! You could still have the typed option Guest Frame by simply photocopying the comments and letting us have them. We can do this at any stage after the wedding (perhaps you could treat yourself to an anniversary present if your wedding took place some time ago!).


When do we receive our Message Cards?

  • We will get the design (typestyle and colour and message) all agreed as soon as you place the order and pay the deposit. We will send a soft copy proof for this.

  • Once the proof is approved, we will then 'park' the order until we get closer to the big day. We would normally print and deliver your cards approx. four weeks before your wedding day.

  • We hope the few days leading up to your wedding are as relaxing and stress free as possible. No-one wants to be worrying over any products arriving in time!

When shall we order and do we pay in full up front?

  • We are a small family business and given the time it takes to produce each frame and to ensure we provide the best quality product and service, we will only undertake a certain amount of frames each month. Due to the demand of our frames we are often taking bookings up to a year before the wedding takes place.

  • You can secure your order with a £100 deposit and production time will then be allocated for your order. Please note this is non-refundable due to the fact we limit the orders for our frames each month. The full balance for your order is then requested when you approve your hard copy proof.


When do we receive our Guest Comments Frame?

  • This depends to a certain extent on when we receive the Guest Comments Cards back from you. We appreciate that straight after the wedding, you may want the dust to settle and relax as a couple. You may even be doing this on a honeymoon!

  • However, we do request that we have the cards back within a month of the wedding or it could lead to a delay in providing both your proof and your final finished frame.

  • Don't worry too much if you haven't had your wedding photographs back at this stage. We can start your artwork without this and then once this is ready, simply email a high resolution image to us and we can slot this into place. • Due to our rolling waiting list, please allow 4-6 weeks from receipt of your message cards for your proof.


When we receive the cards back from you, the following will happen:

  • You will receive an acknowledgement of safe receipt.

  •  We then either scan the comments or we type them ready to position in your frame.

  •  If we are typing the comments then we may come back to you with any words/names that we cannot decipher so that we get the proof as accurate as we can.

  •  A proof is then prepared and emailed to you.

  • We then provide the hard copy proof, which you may find is easier to check for any spelling errors etc if going for the typed format.

  •  When you are entirely thrilled to pieces with the final artwork, we then frame it (unless you have requested the print only option) and post via courier to you. This takes two weeks from approval of the hard copy.

  •  It then hangs in your home and when any of your friends or relatives pop over, you all rush over to look at it and the memories come flooding back!


Is it just Guest Comments Frames that you provide?

  • We also provide a wide range of bespoke and personalised illustrated wedding stationery via our parent company The Illustrated Invitation, where we sketch the wedding venue and provide a suite of unique stationery featuring the venue you have fallen in love with.

  •  Please take a moment to look at our website and also ask us if we have already sketched your venue as we have hundreds of beautiful illustrations within our national portfolio.

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